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Uwemba – Monastery and Farm

Uwemba is a small monastery with nine monks in the neighbourhood of the towns of Njombe, 250 km from Peramiho. The place itself is situated at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level (Peramiho 1050 m) and has a climate similar to that of Europe. There apples, pears and plums are found like in Germany. Our potatoes (especially important for some who do not come from an area where pasta is the main food) come from Uwemba. In this highland region tea is grown which is also exported. The monastery looks after a parish with 12 villages, a farm and a good number of monastery workshops such as carpentry and a mechanical workshop.

Also in Uwemba, in the convent of the Missionary Benedictines of Tutzing, there are seven sisters. They conduct a domestic science school, an orphanage and a small hospital. Sr. Marziana with her 80 years is in charge of the monastery kitchen. From there we get a wonderful monastery cheese the like of which one cannot obtain in Germany. The milk for the cheese comes from the farm which is managed by Br. Wendelin. Besides milk cows he also raises horses. The highland of the Southern Highlands is exceptionally well suited for dairy farming and horse breeding.