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Hydroelectric plant

Generator house

The hydroelectric plant of Likingo 25 km distant from Peramiho provides already since 25 years electricity for the monastery and its institutions. Brother Sebastian has been supervising the two turbines on the spot for all this time. With an installed capacity of 500 kW the Abbey with its more than 30 workshops and institutions can be provided with electricity. Peramiho is a growing town. Thus the need for electrical energy is also increasing.

When the water in the rivers feeding the power station is decreasing, as is the case towards the end of the dry season during the months of August until December an additional generator running on a diesel engine has to be switched on. The use of generators is problematic because each day the diesel fuel used costs more than US $ 1000. In addition to its output the power plant is attractive because it is situated in a beautiful landscape and provides a haven of quietness in the middle of the bush. With a bit of luck one may observe there monkeys and hyenas. In this way the monastery has its own little ‘game park’.