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Total capacity: 108 kWp
Number of panels: 432
Usable energy: 85 kVA
Start: 8. Februar 2014

The rainy season 2011/12 already ceased in April; usually rain falls until June. The water level at the reservoir dropped drastically and from August on no more energy through water power could be produced. All electricity had to be produced by high priced diesel generators which supposedly are for emergency backup. This was especially challenging for the hospital and services could not be guaranteed. On average, 300 gallons of diesel is needed at a cost of $1,100.00 per day to supply electricity for all institutions of Peramiho Abbey. Taking all facts from an energy study under consideration triggered the decision to supplement hydro generated electricity through a photovoltaic solar energy project. Belectric, a German company, was directed to incorporate solar energy into the existing power grid. In June 2013 preparation on the site started. During November and December the team of electricians from Peramiho Abbey assisted the company technician with the installation and in January fine tuning took place. It was on February 8th, 2014, that the installation could be switched over with full capacity. A successful testing phase and evaluation of the project could lead to making long range plans for expansion so that all electricity needs could eventually be met with solar energy. The Peramiho Photovoltaic Installation is not the first one in Tanzania, however the largest so far to interphase with an existing power grid. We will use our installation also as a teaching model that could be copied in other regions of the country so that institutions will profit from an integrated, environmentally friendly, approach of alternative energy. 

Anastasius Reiser