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Aids Orphans

A child has to take care of an other child

Babies are during the first years carried on the back of the mothers. However, not all children are so lucky as to be carried by their mothers. Many children are orphans. In our parish here in Peramiho there are more than 900 children, in Uwemba, our priory in the neighbourhood of the town of Njombe, there are more than 800 children who are registered as orphans. These children are supported by us and receive a school uniform. In addition, they receive from us after mass on Sundays something to eat and milk.

When the parents die the children come into the care of their closest relatives. These are mostly siblings of the parents or the grandparents of the children. However, these have themselves children and so are in no position to carry the burden for the total upkeep for all children. This problem becomes urgent once school fees are due to be paid. This is not very much. Basically it is only a contribution to the school, which the pupils have to pay similar to ‘copy money’ in Europe. But even for such small amounts money is often simply not available.