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Ministranten mit Palmzweigen
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Caritas of the Abbey

The Abbot visits the poor people

Europeans with the typical European view of people would say about Tanzanians whom they see that they were all poor. But most people can take care of themselves and would not regard themselves as poor.

There are poor people who depend on help from the village community or from the Abbey. However, truly poor people are shy to show their poverty. Poverty goes together with a natural shame common to people allover the world. Many do not dare to show themselves and live undiscovered in their poverty. People who are begging at our doors are often not the really poor. In order that we missionaries may obtain a picture of the need of the people and thus be enabled to help purposefully there where help is necessary we have reassessed to system of Caritas in the parish.

We have asked a group of local catechists, that is teachers of religion, who live with the people in the villages, to go to the people. They are to visit the poor people on the spot in their homes and see what is most necessary. The group decides together with us about the way in which people can be helped. We missionaries know many people. However, our local fellow Christians know the situation on the spot often better. We need this cooperation and we value it greatly in many different areas.