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What does "mission" mean today ?

When hearing the word "mission", many people still think of primary evangelisation, that is, to preach the gospel to people who never heard of it.

When the first Benedictines founded Peramiho as a mission station in 1898, that was their very task and aim. But today, in 2008, this "mission" has since long been completed. Three dioceses (Songea, Njombe, and Mbinga) emerged from the work of the Benedictines of Peramiho, Peramiho parish has 20 000 Catholics among 30 000 inhabitants - primary evangelisation is no longer among our tasks.

So in the 1970ies we started primary evangelisation in and around Kerio Valley in Kenya. That's there the pictures shown above come from. In the meantime we were able to pass on the responsibility for the young communities there to the local church.

Still we see ourselves as being missionary Benedictines. We invite you to get an impression of our work when viewing these pages - a work that belongs to the mission of the Church.