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The Initiative of the Churches

New Kindergarten

If one compares the effectiveness of government initiatives with that of the churches one notices that in the south of Tanzania real development only occurs in connection with the churches. Initiatives by government remain without effect. Government schools are set up in all villages, but they are only halfheartedly provided with teachers and teaching materials. There is a system of supervision for the schools. However, the officials do not care how teaching is done or whether it takes place in the first place. Many pupils fail the examinations and do not complete their education.

The same applies to the government dispensaries in the villages. The nurses are not reliable and their attendance is irregular. It is almost the normal thing that medicines are lacking whereas these medicines should actually be given free of charge to the patients. The personnel are often running their own pharmacies in the villages where they privately sell the missing drugs. The doctor prescribes a medicine in the dispensary which is not available there. The same doctor has a private pharmacy at home and the patient is forced to buy the drug there.