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Working with the local churches

The Church in Mlangali

In the time of primary evangelisation, the monks of Peramiho founded many mission stations, which became parishes during the 20th century. The abbot of Peramiho also held the office of bishop. In 1969 Abbot Eberhard was able to transfer the office of bishop to a Tanzanian successor. Since then the local church (now three dioceses) has been seperated from the abbey. Most parishes have also been transferred to local parish priests since 1969. The last parishes to be tranferred until today were Uliwa and Litembo (in 2006 and 08). But serving the local churches is still an important part of our work. Priests of Peramiho Abbey serve in the Parishes of Mlangali, Uwemba (both Njombe diocese) and Peramiho (Songea archdiocese).

An example: Mlangali

Mlangali parish comprises 11 villages. The distance from one end to the other is 45 km. 15,000 inhabitants divide nearly equally into Catholic and Anglican Christians. The western border of the parish is formed by the Livingstone Mountains, which descend steeply into lake Nyassa on their western side.